We Stand Out

We have earned our position in the market by doing exemplary work in our community. Not solely real estate. We serve in the community as leaders and philanthropists by participating on boards and working to enhance this the mountain community. We serve on school boards, recreation district boards, fine arts boards, Realtor boards; we have high school sports announcers, baseball coaches, running coaches, church elders, youth leaders, and every conceivable leader that our community creates.

It is a vital role for businesses and individuals to support our community and to recognize what makes a place such as the mountain communities we serve so special.  We are blessed to be part of the fabric that does just that.

Our Culture is What Makes Us Unique

We bond as a group. We are a band of very diverse individuals who have taken a common link through our choice of profession and turned it into a culture where we respect, trust, and support one another.  We share a philosophy that if you enjoy and look forward to coming into work you have a much better attitude towards the task at hand – and let’s acknowledge that if you are happy and feel trust and support you will thrive at what you are doing. This social fabric is the mortar that keeps us together and makes the experience at our office different from many other workplaces.

Community & Lifestyle

Our office has been built to provide a warm welcoming experience, we are at Lakepoint Center at Evergreen Lake which is a privilege on its own. Our lobby is designed to resemble a living room more than a sales floor, and the lounge and conference rooms are also warm welcoming spaces. This is very intentional – as we sell community and we sell lifestyle which leads to the sale of homes.  Come visit us to get a sense of how we operate and advocate in community and real estate needs.